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What is Active Rehabilitation?

A key role of a Physiotherapist in a client’s recovery from injury or illness is the use of therapeutic knowledge to determine the main problems and work closely with other medical and sports professionals to help the athlete overcome these problems. At Physio4Care, we care about our client's needs and desires and will work one-on-one with our patients to ensure they reach the goal they desire.

At Physio4Care, our active rehabilitation program is customized that is created based on the injury and client’s needs and work environment. It incorporates exercises, posture education, work conditioning, and balance training. With Active Rehab, not only does this program work to decrease pain, but it also increases function and mobility that our clients notice once beginning their journey with us.

Why is Active Rehabilitation Important?

Active Rehabilitation is suggested to our patients who have suffered from an injury, car accident, and or disability to make sure they get back to their pre-injury lifestyle. Not only is that important to us at Physio4Care, we will also provide our patients with suggestions and exercises that will help to not suffer from a re-injury or aggravate the injured area. With Active Rehab, our patients will notice an improved quality of life, mobility, and independence in time with our specialized program that is designed perfectly for their situation.

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