Rehab Products

Rehab Products

At Physio4Care, we are able to provide our patients with rehabilitation products to aid and assist in recovery. With joining us here at our clinic, we can assess your mobility, function, and strength, and determine what methods are of most help to you, in your daily life. We have great connections with companies who can customize rehab products so they are perfect for you and your circumstances, and provide you the best support and function all day round.

Rehab products are welcomed to all clients and patients who suffer from a sudden acute injury to those who suffer a chronic stage of injury. At Physio4Care, our rehab products have a wide range so they can meet your needs.

Examples of Rehab Products Sold at Physio4Care

  • Compression stockings
  • Custom made orthotics/braces
  • Back brace
  • Hand brace
  • Hand splints
  • Rehab exercise equipment
  • Bio freeze
  • Coban wrap
  • Finger/Toe tubes
  • Athletic tape
  • Kinesiology tape
  • Leuko tape/McConnell tape

With the assistance of our physiotherapist, we will provide exercises that may be practiced at home that will regain your strength, mobility, and function if any were lost. With the support of these rehab products, our patients will notice an increase of activities in their daily lives and feel the difference of pain in no time. Our goal at Physio4Care is to take care of our patients needs and concerns. Give us a call any time if you have any questions about these products or are interested in joining us at our clinic.

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