We directly bill to ICBC

At Physio4Care, our priority is ensuring the best treatment personally suited for you. We emphasize the importance of seeking treatment immediately after a car accident to prevent future aches, pains, and restrictions. After a car accident, symptoms may not be noticeable which is why physiotherapy is extremely important to begin right away, before symptoms increase.

We directly bill to ICBC for Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, and Acupuncture. In most cases, participants of a motor vehicle incident is allowed to seek a physiotherapist and acquired the allowed number of 25 sessions in the beginning by ICBC. Let Physio4Care know how we can help you.

Will I have to pay on my first visit?

Simply provide us with a valid ICBC claim number, name of your adjuster and your adjuster's phone number and begin your session today and walk out of our clinic paying nothing. At Physio4Care, our priority is making sure our patients feel comfortable and stress free as we handle all direct billing personally so you don't have to.

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