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Foot Orthotics

Feet have a great impact on your posture mainly in standing and walking position. Orthotics are customized medical devices placed in shoes to support or correct foot deformity. Orthotics can help reduce pain and stress or discomfort in your body by re-balancing your feet and correcting biochemical issues commonly seen in flat feet, overpronated ankles, etc.,
Here at Physio4Care we assess the biomechanics of feet and analyze the gait to determine the right kind of orthotics for your feet.

Orthotics can be especially useful and helpful for patients suffering from foot deformity and ankle injuries, providing fantastic support for better function. Orthotics are known to arrange the pressure presented at the bottom of your feet and in due time will show a great decrease of pain and discomfort. With our custom orthotics, you will notice the the increase of mobility and effectiveness designed uniquely for you and your hard working feet.

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