Whether you are recovering from an acute injury, or are looking to address an ongoing problem, our practitioners are here to help. We have experience successfully addressing a wide range of issues, including persistent low back pain, WorkSafe BC, and ICBC-related injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, chronic musculoskeletal disorders, and general conditioning.

We also offer small group yoga, fitness and core classes taught by exercise specialists. Our practitioners work together to design a plan using the best set of therapies to help you achieve your rehabilitation or fitness goals. We have the staff, the knowledge, and the equipment to help you obtain the results you want.



We Provide Various Services


At Physio4Care, our physiotherapy involves various hands-on techniques to assess and treatment movement restrictions in joints and surrounding soft tissue and also assists to decrease swelling/inflammation, and reduce muscle spasm.

Active Rehabilitation

A key roles of a Physiotherapist in a client's recovery from injury or illness is the use of therapeutic knowledge to determine the main problem. It is a customized program created uniquely based on the injury and client's needs and work environment.

Intramuscular Stimulation

IMS involves the use of needles into the tight and painful muscle to relax the muscle and stimulate a healing process. This treatment is particularly effective for deep muscles with are difficult to reach with other types of treatment.


We do direct billing to ICBC and take the stress out of your hands. Provide us with a valid claim number and we will bill the full charge to ICBC.

WorkSafe BC

We are approved physiotherapy provider in the WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy Network (WCB), and we accept WorkSafeBC claims.


Acupuncture is an incredible way to resolve pain and to stimulate the central nervous system to create an overall well-being and to promote faster healing.

Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is a type of alternative treatment that increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed on the skin. This helps to reduce pain and muscle tension, improve overall blood flow, and promote cell repair.

Custom Knee Bracing

We do custom Knee Bracing which is adjustable as per the requirement.Custom Knee bracing helps in reducing the pain and let knee do their job better.

Post/Pre surgical rehabilitation

Centering on restoring muscle strength, flexibility, and motion, it is extremely important in refreshing overall mobility in the entire body.

Custom orthotics

Orthotics are customized medical devices placed in shoes to support or correct foot deformity. It can help to reduce pain and stress or discomfort in your body by re-balancing and correcting biochemical issues commonly seen in flat feet, overpronated ankles, etc.,


At Physio4Care we offer our clients an innovative, secure, and convenient way to connect with your therapist through telephone or video class to help interview, assess, diagnose, and recommend treatment for your pain and injuries at a distance.

Rehab product

At Physio4Care we are able to provide our patients with rehabilitation products to aid and assist in recovery.


We use various electrical modalities such as Ultrasound, Laser, TENS, EMS, and IFC for pain and inflammation control. These machines help in improving blood supply to the injured area and enhance the healing process and reduce pain/muscle spasm.

Extended benefits

Come to our clinic today if you are eligible for extended benefits. We will perform direct billing and take the stress off your shoulders.

laser therapy

At Physio4Care, we use laser therapy as an alternative method for pain management. Laser therapy in a non-invasive technique used to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and presents lasting relief.

Hand therapy

Our clinic provides detailed assessment and customized treatment plans for any condition related to elbow, wrist, and hand. Our treatment incorporated exercises, electrotherapy, taping, braces, and customized splints.


For clients under the coverage of MSP, we are able to perform direct billing for our B.C residents to make sure you get the treatment you need.